Why Diving in Fiji is the Ultimate Experience

Why Divers Love Fiji

Discover the spectacular Fiji scuba diving all through the huge reef that surrounds the Fiji archipelago. Live-aboard charters and diving resorts make it easy.

There are four main locations for diving in Fiji. Savusavu, Taveuni, Mamanucas and Vatulele have the finest diving. The best time of year is between April and October. During that time, between June and August, the water becomes cool and wetsuits are recommended.

Near Savusavu on Vanua Levu first time divers as well as experienced divers will find a sloping sandy bottom with scattered coral heads. There is Mystery Reef that has large, hard corals and slopes to a gorgeous garden of soft corals.

Divers see marine life peeking out of nooks and crannies at Fan Fair where there are large sea fans and many places to swim through. There are big, friendly fish including schools of batfish. Big Blue is a drop-off that has gigantic gorgonians covered with feather stars.

On north Vanua Levu there is the third largest barrier reef in the world. A huge number of sharks and other deep water fish live there. Between June and December a large number of manta rays flock there.

Taveuni is a small island to the east of Vanua Levu on the Somosomo Strait. It is referred to as the “soft coral capital of the world”. Particularly beautiful is Rainbow Reef. There is also the legendary Great White Wall, one of the most popular dives on earth. It has The Zoo with barracuda, eagle and manta rays and reef sharks.

Vatulele has The Blue Wall with a drift dive and colorful coral at The Aquarium and Outer Limits which is another wall. It has a ledge where stingrays congregate. Beqa Lagoon is nearby and has 17 miles of tunnels, mazes and sensational sights.

The Mamanucas has diving to satisfy everyone. There are shark encounters on the Malolo Barrier Reef and Gotham City which is named after the batfish that live there. It is a collection of Elkhorn and Staghorn coral. Moray eels like to watch the divers. The Big W has lots of big fish including sharks and mantas.

Fiji scuba diving also offers night dives. The underwater environment is completely different after dark. Many marine animals are nocturnal, and some animals come out of their hiding places to feed at night. With a torch, some of the colors underwater are much brighter than they are during the day. Animals that look black during the day are actually purple and red in the night.

Divers love Fiji because they enjoy shark encounters, education on the marine environment, family diving, shipwreck diving, dive sites that are between five and 30 minutes away and reliable weather conditions. There is accommodation from five star luxury to budget hotels so everyone can enjoy a diving holiday in Fiji.