Find Some of the Best Places to Stay in Fiji

Where to Stay in Fiji

Fiji is a beautiful, exotic place to visit. The balmy weather, swaying palm trees and strips of white sand are the stuff that dream vacations are made of. If you are planning to visit Fiji anytime soon, you can be sure to find the best hotels in Fiji for you, your spouse or your friends. Check out the following Fiji hotels and resorts in Fiji.

  • Matanivusi Surf Resort, Pacific Harbour. Located right on the beach, Matanivusi is a unique place to stay. An outdoor pool sits right on the beach, overlooking the turquoise seawaters. You can snorkel, surf and scuba-dive along the beautiful coast. It’s also a great place for paddling. Most importantly, the rooms are well furnished with modern conveniences. The staff is friendly.
  • Wananavu Beach Resort. You can find this hotel on group buying websites with great discount prices. It has been called a ‘hidden tropical paradise.’ The resort staff is amazingly attentive, and you can be certain that you’ll enjoy the pristine, decked out accommodations. From the hotel you can engage in water activities like diving, snorkeling and surfing. Gorgeous villas surround the beautiful resort.
  • Outrigger on the Lagoon. This 5-star resort is the perfect place to bring your kids. It is equipped with beautiful swimming pools and instant access to the shoreline. Enjoy water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, paddling, scuba diving, surfing and sun tanning. You can also hold meetings here. There is a private function room included on the property. It is a little piece of paradise.
  • Vatulele Island Resort by Six Senses. It is the perfect place to host a romantic wedding. The staff is incredibly friendly and attentive. The rooms are clean and well organized. You can book your own pool and spa. You can also engage in fun activities like sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming in the cool Pacific waters and visiting the beachside bar for refreshments.
  • Bluewater Lodge. Located in Nadi, this hotel is unique. You can enjoy free and unlimited Internet access in addition to a provided breakfast. Unlike many of the hotels in the area, Bluewater Lodge has air conditioning. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re traveling on a budget.
  • Robinson Crusoe Island Resort. Cut off your connection to technology and submerge yourself in the exotic beauty of the island. The resort staff will see to everything and you can enjoy your vacation without any worries.