What To Do In Fiji: Taveuni

What to do in Fiji: Taveuni

Fiji’s northern island of Taveuni is brimming with lush tropical rain forest, amazing marine life, rare exotic species of hardwoods, swimming spots, unique birds and plants, hikes with amazing views, fresh grown food, adventure and more. It is the third largest island in Fiji, it is located south of Vanua Levu.

It’s easy to see why the “Garden Island of Fiji” is so well loved by the locals and by visitors all around the world. Check out some favorite activities in the beloved Taveuni.

  1. Dive and snorkel Fiji’s famous sites

Fiji is known for amazing dive sites but more specifically up in Fiji’s north, Rainbow Reef and the Great White Wall are known to be particularly spectacular. The Rainbow Reef can be found on the western side in the Somosomo Strait. Some say the Strait basically earns Fiji its title as “The Soft Coral Capital of the World.” Nearby the Strait, both the Rainbow Reef and The Great White Wall have been noted as two of the top ten dive locations in the world.

And don’t forget to plunge into crystal-clear, fish-and coral-filled paradise in the native fishing grounds of Waitabu Marine Park. In 1998, the village declared the grounds a no-take fishing zone.  While fishing isn’t allowed, it’s just beautiful for a snorkel on the reef of Waitabu for beautiful marine creatures and colorful coral. Visitors can also opt for a backpacking tour to see the tropical, unspoiled paradise.

  1. Hike Bouma National Heritage Park

Bouma National Park covers just about one-third of the island and was declared a World Heritage Area in 2002, Fiji’s only World Heritage area. Bouma also has the rare Tagimoucia flower. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy hiking the trails and also seeing some unique animals, especially the birds. Taveuni is home to Kula Lorikeets, Silktails and Orange Doves and 100 other species of birds. If you are around in July, you may get lucky and see the migrating humpback whales pass the island.

  1. Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide

Near the Garden Island Resort lies a massively fun and slippery bed of rocks in the shape of a waterslide called the Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide. Why not have a waterslide for adults?! Some say the natural slide zips you around fast along the turns but it is worth a few bruises here or there! Just enter at your own risk and be careful!

  1. Taste the superfood and spice of Fiji at Gaiatree Sanctuary

Gaiatree Sanctuary is a totally unique farm-to-table experience, a day club, nectar lab, and an organic spice plantation in one. The sanctuary hosts tours of quality superfood meals and fresh tropical delicacies while taking in the ocean views and seeing Taveuni’s majestic green hilltops.

The Nectar Kitchen Dome contains an open kitchen where you can watch and even be involved in your meal, if you want. The approach to rustic luxury while in Fiji’s jungle will be truly memorable. Guests will sample house-made sauces, dressings, juices, exotic raw vinegars, smoothies, seasonal fruits, vegetables, homemade herbal-and beer-infused artisan breads, and organic chicken eggs. The sanctuary is establishing a productive natural ecosystem and to work towards energy self-sufficiency. Guests will see gardens with more than 50 varieties of fruit trees, holistic herbs and super foods like cocoa, acai, vanilla, starfruit, peppercorns, and turmeric.

  1. Enjoy the Lavena coastal walk and Wainibau Falls

The coastal journey begins with Unuca Point, which is great for swimming. Along the way, you’ll find rock pools and small lagoons, volcanic beaches and a lush rainforest. There’s a suspension bridge where you will cross a river and finish with the amazing Wainbau Falls. You can go through it one way and have a tour pick you up to return or you can take the path both ways and finish where you started.

Lavena Coastal Walk - The Remote Resort, Fiji Islands

  1. Venture to the Tavoro Waterfalls (or Bouma Falls)

You will find the Tavoro Waterfalls (or Bouma Falls) throughout Bouma National Park. There is a series of three waterfalls while the first one, called the Lower Bouma Falls, is easy to get to and most popular, the second (Middle Bouma Falls) and third falls Upper Bouma Falls) are more difficult. To get to the top falls and back down is a three-hour hike. The difficulty increases taking trekkers up into the hills above the village of Korovou and past the waterfalls of the Tavoro River.

The third falls has the shortest drop of the three but it is a serene setting and is more secluded. And swimming in the pool below the falls is a pretty sweet experience being surrounded by tropical rainforest.

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  1. Take a four-wheel drive to Lake Tagimaucia

Lake Tagimaucia is situated in a volcanic crater in Bouma National Park and home to the beautiful tangimaucia flower which produces red blooms with white centers. The easiest way to get there is to take a four-wheel drive vehicle and view the lake from a nice vantage point.

Alternatively, you can also hike closer to the lake yourself by taking a guided hike passing all three of the waterfalls to the top of the mountain. It can be pretty challenging but well worth the views.