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Whale Watching in Fiji

You can begin your life together with an unforgettable Fiji honeymoon. This idyllic South Pacific tropical paradise is filled with wonderful sights and sounds. It is a colorful archipelago with a unique blend of Micronesian, Chinese, Indian and Polynesian cultures.

Fiji is a land where ancient traditions meet modern conveniences. There are a myriad of activities, such as whale watching, scuba diving, shopping and fine dining. You can enjoy a fun-filled honeymoon or simply take a romantic walk on the beach as the sunset drenches the horizon with gorgeous colors. The landscape and people of Fiji will make this a truly unforgettable event in your life.

Fiji is comprised of over 300 separate islands, only 100 of which are inhabited. The government has set aside the remainder as nature preserves. As a result, Fiji is a haven for eco-tourists who want to explore the amazing flora and fauna of the South Seas. You can enjoy the peaceful tranquility as you walk the countryside or explore the mesmerizing colors on the coral reefs. A canoe trip down a local river or kayak along the coast is a wonderful way to survey the picturesque landscape. You can view migrating whales and playful dolphins while you enjoy a cruise around the islands. There are many activities to fill your days in this tropical oasis. You can swim and snorkel in the warm waters or relax on the white sandy beaches. Other popular water activities include windsurfing, sailing or jet skiing.

You should set aside some time to experience the local island culture by browsing through the shops and boutiques located throughout the islands. There are unique historical artifacts and beautiful local handicrafts. You’ll find designer T-shirts and the traditional sulu garment. When you see your carved Tanoa bowl, woven basket or animal wood carving, you’ll fondly recall your Fiji honeymoon. For the best bargains, you must visit Cummings Street and negotiate with some of the best hagglers in the world.

In Fiji, you can find five-star restaurants as well as local establishments serving time-honored dishes. You can attend a culinary-themed magiti, or Fijian feast, and experience the underground cooking in the earth oven. Local chefs heat rocks to slowly cook a variety of foods wrapped in banana leaves, including pork, fish and chicken. What better way to spend your honeymoon than by enjoying a romantic picnic on a secluded beach or dining under the stars of the Southern Cross.

During your unforgettable vacation on the island, you can stay in a traditional bure or any one of the magnificent island resorts. You will soon discover why Fiji is a perennial favorite romantic destination and graces the pages of numerous travel magazines.