See Exotic Northern Fiji with Tui Tai Expeditions

Tui Tai Expeditions in Exotic Northern Fiji

Tui Tai

Tui Tai Expeditions in Exotic Northern Fiji


Previously this month, we talked primarily about cruises to the Mamanucas and Yasawas. Now we are going to venture to Northern Fiji, where Tui Tai Expeditions hosts its seven-day Tui Tai expedition cruise on its 12-cabin ship from Savusavu. The town of Savusavu is located on Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island.

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The company operates its cruises with a commitment to fostering Fiji’s ecotourism. Local villages and Fiji’s beautiful land share the benefits of ecotourism. Tui Tai has funded schools, purchased medical supplies, and sponsored development projects. With Tui Tai, not only do you get to see paradise and embark on this adventurous cruise, but you also make a contribution to Fiji’s beautiful remote islands.

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“A voyage with Tui Tai Adventure Cruises is a fantastic way to see and do a lot in a short time. The snorkeling and diving sites are some of the world’s best, and the newly refitted sailboat itself is gorgeous.” – Lonely Planet


World-Class Underwater Activities


Another high point of the cruise, and one of the main reasons the company sees its guests return, is its underwater adventures. Guests experience dive sites on the well-known Rainbow Reef and within the Somosomo Strait, including “the Great White Wall” and other sites comprising what Jean-Michel Cousteau called “the soft-coral capital of the world.”

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In addition, guests view colorful coral reefs at The Farm and Nakawa Point, which Lonely Planet refers to as “one of the world’s greatest snorkel sites.” Passengers also see Kokoda Point, Wall Street, and Eel Diamond. Visibility is typically pretty great and often exceeds 120 feet. Guests can often find barracuda, tuna, sharks, rays, and turtles here! Finally, they explore the “little Rainbow Reef” near Rabi Island, where they can see some manta rays.


More Adventures

Tui Tai Kayak

If diving and snorkeling aren’t enough for the adventure seeker, it is possible to hike the Cobia Island volcanic crater before kayaking (or stand up paddle boarding) the tranquil lagoon at its center. You can also visit the Waitavala Water Slide after stepping over the International Date Line, visit a mangrove forest via kayak, or stand up paddle board.


Hike through Bouma National Heritage Park and support Fiji’s ecotourism. You can even swim in three different waterfalls as you hike the rainforest and watch for exotic birds and flowers.




The cruise immerses you in the Fijian way of life. You witness firsthand the cultures of the Micronesian, Polynesian, and Melanesian peoples, who live traditional lifestyles close to each other.


You also see the cultural performances of each community and visit the associated villages. Moreover, you talk history with the longtime villagers on Kioa island, which is home to the fisherman and craftsman. Guests get to see Bouma National Heritage Park and its three gorgeous waterfalls. They even visit schools and play with children. In addition, guests can assist with deliveries of supplies or with cultural or humanitarian projects.


Volunteer While Aboard


On the ship, humanitarian projects occur every week. If you have a skill or would like to help in a specific way, Tui Tai Expeditions can customize a project for you. Some projects have included distributing supplies, teaching, completing assessments (educational, infrastructural, environmental, medical), painting buildings, and making school furniture.


Great Food, Wellness, & Service


While the ship’s luxurious, relaxing elements aren’t its main draw, its five-star service, nightly turndown, air conditioning, and 800-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are there to comfort you when you get back on board.


Meals on board are made from locally sourced food, so you get the freshest of the fresh. You can also get a massage at the bottom of Bouma National Heritage Park or sip a cool beverage and bask in the sun.


Getting There


Upon arrival at Nadi International Airport, take a connecting flight to Savusavu (SVU) Airport or Labasa (LBS) Airport. You can arrive on the day of the ship’s departure as it’s not a very long flight. Tui Tai provides transportation to the ship from Savusavu and Taveuni airports and resorts, and it takes guests back to their destinations after the ship returns.


While it may be necessary to take an extra flight upon arrival at Nadi International Airport, this cruise is ideal for those looking to experience exotic Fiji and its rainforests, tropical beaches, adventure, and culture.