All About Traveling with the Family to Fiji

Traveling with Family to Fiji

Many travelers believe that a cheap Fiji vacation is not possible. This is truly a myth. Use these tips and suggestions, and your family will travel to Fiji for a fraction of advertised prices.


Time your trip to Fiji when airfares are at their lowest. Airfares peak during the Christmas holiday season. Peak tourist season in Fiji is from June to October. This is South Pacific winter, and New Zealand and Australian travelers are escaping their cold winter weather. Fiji is warm all year. It is hotter, and rains more frequently between December and April. The best fares are on the edge of these seasons. If you can be flexible, cheap, last-minute fares are available. Family resorts in Fiji are plentiful. It is usually cheaper to create your own holiday package by finding your own accommodations and activities rather than relying on pre-packaged deals.


Set up your travel plans by booking your main airfare tickets to Fiji. Once you are at Fiji, keep your plans flexible. You will discover that there are plenty of cheap family resorts in Fiji that are not advertised. You will discover that for a small country, Fiji has an enormous amount of places to visit and enjoy. Countless locally based tours include boat trips to outlying islands, cultural events and water activities such as swimming with manta rays and wreck diving. There are also tours that take people on local bili-bilis (bamboo rafts) down the rivers.

So many Islands, So Little Time

Fiji is truly a family friendly vacation destination. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the two largest islands; however, there are over 300 islands from which to choose. Water related activities are easy to enjoy in most Fiji locations. The best beaches and upscale resorts are located in the Mamanuca and Yasawa Island groups. These islands are world famous for prime sandy beaches and resort living. Swimming, snorkeling and diving activities are also popular in these areas. For a real treat, consider getting out of the tourist areas and traveling to Savusavu. Savusavu is locally known as “Fiji’s hidden paradise.” Enjoy world class diving and local events without tourist crowds.

Traveling in and Between Fiji Islands

Use local buses and ferries to visit outlying islands and villages for a truly unique cultural experience. Traveling in this manner will cost a fraction of a packaged tour. You will also have an opportunity to meet local people and experience down home Fijian culture.


You will never go hungry in Fiji if you like abundant tropical fruit, seafood and Indian cuisine. Dining out is very cheap in Fiji especially if you frequent local establishments. Fiji is famous for fresh spices and Indian curry dishes. The blend of Fijian and Indian cultures has created a country rich in diversity.

A cheap Fiji vacation includes action packed adventures and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Fiji is a safe, family friendly destination that prides itself in genuine warm hospitality. Fiji is an easy place to arrive, but difficult to leave because you will fall in love with this amazing destination.