All About Travelling to Fiji's Outer Islands

Traveling to Fiji’s Outer Islands

Most Fiji vacations include one or two Fiji island resorts. Little time is spent visiting beyond the main tourist center of Viti Levu Island. Turn your ordinary Fiji holiday into an extraordinary adventure by visiting the outer islands. The country has over 300 islands that are divided into roughly five island groups. Visiting the outer islands of these groups takes extra planning and requires flexibility, but it is well worth the effort.

Viti Levu

Viti Levu is the largest island in Fiji and is considered a region in itself. This island has the highest density of people and is the easiest to access. All international visitors arrive at Nadi. This is where everyone’s Fiji vacation begins and ends. This is also the tourist center. Spend a little time here, especially the museum and park in Suva, the largest city. Then travel the road that rims the Island to view the outlying areas.

Mamanuca Group

The Mamanuca island group is famous for surfing. The hard core surfers congregate at several world famous beaches. Fiji island resorts cater to both the surfers and tourists looking for a family Fiji holiday. Musket Cove is a favorite destination and easy to access for a day trip by ferry from Port Denarau. Scuba diving is popular. For an unforgettable experience, take the time to swim with the manta rays at Mana Island.

Yasawa Group

The Yasawa Group is known for its gorgeous islands in the Northeast corner of the country. These islands are famous for their powder white sandy beaches, and are considered to be the most beautiful islands in the country. This is where tropical island daydreams are fulfilled. Spend some time traveling through this island group by passenger ferry service that serves exclusive resorts and dive charters. This trip will give you an opportunity for whale and porpoise viewing.

Lomaiviti Group

Levuka Island is the former capital of Fiji. Traveling to this island is easy, and interesting from a historical perspective. This island group is a prime whale viewing area. The climate is wetter than the west side of Fiji, so be prepared to see the lush jungles and rainforest scenery.

Lau Group

The Lau group stretches to the Southeast corner of the country. The extremely lucky travelers that venture out to this rural and isolated area will be rewarded with a glimpse of traditional Fijian culture. Traveling through the Lau Group is usually accomplished by boat. Local ferries make infrequent stops to most of these islands. There are no tourist facilities at most of these islands, so planning will be more difficult.

A Fiji holiday that includes traveling to the rural islands takes time and careful research. Many islands have small backpacker hotels or resorts that are not well advertised. The effort taken so that you can spend your Fiji vacation in the rural, outer islands will be rewarded with an unforgettable life-time experience.