The Absolute Best of the Fiji Islands

The Best of Fiji

Jumping right into the deep end of a Fiji vacation may seem a little intimidating. This archipelago of over 300 islands is home to thousands of species of bird, insect, and plant life. It can be a difficult proposition to figure out where to begin and how to prioritize daily activities while in Fiji. In order to see as much as possible and still enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the islands it’s important to put together a list of things you’d like to see. Once you’ve spent some time relaxing on one of the hundreds of miles of beaches you can decide how much of it you actually want to do.

Underwater activities are nearly a requirement for getting the full Fiji vacation experience. Even novice divers or snorklers will find the waters around the Fijian Islands to be extremely forgiving, and they’re stunningly beautiful. The majority of snorkle cruises last from eight to ten hours and include lunch and gear. The most popular of these includes breakfast, a barbeque lunch on the beach, as well as free drinks for the duration of the cruise. Make sure that the excursion company offers pickup at your hotel to ensure that you aren’t left to find your own way and risk being late.

If you do nothing else while on Fiji, you’ll want to spend some time at a Kava ceremony. If you’re in Fiji for very long, this will quickly become one of the money common customs you’ll enjoy. The kava ceremony is more of an informal gathering, akin to a cocktail party. The kava is non-alcoholic, and is extremely common during any social gathering. It’s likely you’ll be sitting in a circle with a group of people who may very well become your closest friends during your stay in Fiji. Sitting with legs crossed on the floor you’ll come to realize that this is what Fiji is all about, being among friends for hours sharing stories and enjoying the cool night air.

For an ideal outing on a Fiji honeymoon, consider spending an afternoon at The Garden of the Sleeping Giant. These landscaped gardens were the passion of American actor Raymond Burr, and were endowed by the late star to ensure that the public would always have a place they could go to view his exceptional orchid collection. Over the years, the gardens have seen the addition of hundreds of other flowering plants, making it the largest landscaped flower garden in Fiji, and one of the most spectacular collections of orchids in the world. Many of the beautiful orchids that live in the garden are native only to Fiji, while others are hybrids created by the late Mr. Burr himself. Enjoy a excellent picnic lunch or tea service among the more than 30 acres or greenery, or next to the beautifully maintained lily-pond.