Tim and Sarah, Michigan – Fiji Vacations

Tim and Sarah, Michigan

“When we were looking at honeymoon locations in Fiji, we knew we did not want a large resort that made us feel like we were still in North American. Our Travel Agent, Maria Smith from Fiji Vacations,  guided us to Lalati and  Lalati gave us exactly what we were looking for in a honeymoon. We had exciting adventures and bonded with the other guests and staff. 

Our most memorable experience was the time we spent with Kula, Lalati activities staff member. We had done many resort activities with him and all the activities made our stay memorable. When we joined basketweaving with him, he sat and talked with us. He patiently answered questions, told us about his life and family and asked us questions about our lives too.

Lalati is wonderful for so many reasons, but that experience highlighted a unique quality of the resort that could never be found at a larger hotel. Thank you for the perfect honeymoon.

By the way, it is even prettier than the pictures!”

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