Talanoa Treks: Explore Fiji Culture Off-the-Beaten-Path

Talanoa Treks: Explore Fiji’s Interior and Culture Off-the-Beaten-Path

Whether you are going to Fiji for a vacation with your significant other or taking the children to explore Fiji paradise, we have a recommendation for you that may end up becoming your favorite part of the entire trip. Talanoa Treks is Fiji’s only hiking company offering hikes to see Fiji’s dramatic peaks, pristine forests, rivers, remote villages, and learn more about Fijian culture and unique history. Here’s a bit more on them but feel free to call us for more detail on adding this trip to your vacation.

Fijians and Their Culture

The most unique thing about Talanoa Treks is they provide experiences that allow you to get-to-know the locals while seeing some of the most stunning landscapes you’ve ever seen in your life. By exploring on foot, you’ll be a part of the rich Fijian culture with your guides and the village people.

During your trip, you’ll meet a lot of different personalities from the guides that walk next to you to the locals that cook your meals or the guys that invite you to drink Kava with them. They will have stories to tell and jokes to share.

The company avoids being overly touristy as they aim to provide an escape from the beaches and resort scene in Fiji to allow for genuine cultural interaction and a true insight into rural Fiji. Groups are small so interaction can be meaningful.

Unique Stories & Memories

The owners Marita and Matt have lived in Fiji for ten years. They’ve developed their business specifically to be different than the average hiking company because their treks are done in partnership with four rural communities and two locally owned and managed lodges. This builds a mix of great exercise and authentic culture. Talanoa is a Fijian word for discuss, talk or to tell stories. And that’s exactly the word to capture the goal of your trek. It’s about sharing stories and understanding more about the vibrant culture lived by Fijians in remote areas.

Single- and Multi-day Treks

Talanoa Treks has a variety of hiking options and overnight stays. Depending on your choice, the treks visit waterfalls, walk through forests, climb Fiji’s highest mountain, wade rivers, cross open grassland, and stay in remote villages.

For example, you can take a day trip to discover Nabalesere’s beautiful waterfall, enjoy the tranquil village, and visit the historic Wailotua cave. You could also take one or two days to climb to the highest point in Fiji, Mt. Tomaniivi, and explore Fiji’s interior.

Or take three days to explore the interior of Viti Levu with two days of hiking, a village stay, and a visit to the Navala village. Four days will get you a visit to Nabalesere’s waterfall, you’ll climb Mt. Tomaniivi, then spend two days crossing the highlands of Viti Levu.

On multi-day trips, your bags will be taken along a different route to your overnight destination so you won’t have to carry them. The only thing you need to carry with you in your day pack. There will also be transportation along the way to start certain walks or even if you can’t make the whole trek by foot. Overnight accommodation is provided in villages or locally owned and managed lodges. The accommodations are basic but enough to get you by for a hiking trip. Again, it’s about the people and experience on this trip!

Community Involvement

It took many years for the owners to form friendships and a partnership to hike through these areas. When you are there, you will understand the level of local community involvement. From the moment you arrive in the village, it’s apparent the community takes responsibility over the experience. It’s their culture to do so. They treat you like family and they ensure you feel so special for visiting them.

It’s a testament to the company for the partnership they’ve shared together with the communities to make Fiji’s interior a place that welcomes anyone. Your trek will provide a supplementary source of income to these resort communities that you visit in the form of payments for guides, accommodations, food, and contributions to village development funds.

Authentic Fijian Experience

Why would a hiking company in Fiji’s interior become an experience of a lifetime? Because of the people you’ll meet, the experience you’ll have, and the stories you’ll remember for a long time to come. This experience will give you the genuine Fiji experience. And you’ll talk about it and remember it forever.