Stay at Outrigger and Give Back to Fiji

Stay at Outrigger and Give Back to Fiji

Not only is Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort a premier family-friendly destination on the Coral Coast of the main island of Fiji but the resort gives back to its local community too. And guests staying at the resort have the opportunity to contribute. What’s more meaningful than a beautiful vacation in Fiji and giving back at the same time?

Construction will begin on two new classrooms at the Conua School in Fiji’s Sigatoka Valley as part of a volunteer tourism initiative by Outrigger. The resort plans to fund the $80,000 FJD project with the support of guests who join the resort in the construction.

Guests can visit the school for $100 FJD for adults and $60 FJD for children. The funds go to support the project. The full day excursion from the resort includes transportation to the school, lunch, and a visit to the Tavuni Hill Fort on the way home from the school.

New Kindergarten and Library

In the past, Outrigger has already built the school a new library, computer lab, a large meeting bure, and in 2016 they opened a new kindergarten.

“The kindergarten was a dream come true for local villagers,” said Kini Sarai, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort Activities Manager. “The emotion that we saw on the faces of the elders when they saw the completed building is something that will stay with me.”

“For ordinary villagers, raising funds to send their kids to school is already a struggle and raising funds to build a building like the kindergarten would take years.”

The opening of the kindergarten coincided with the opening of the Conua School’s Jonathan McDaniel Library.

The library with 3,000 book titles has been donated by the widow of Jonathan McDaniel who with her husband were regular visitors to Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. Jennifer McDaniel from Omaha, United States said it had been an honor and privilege to fund The Jonathan McDaniel Library.

 “My late husband was very passionate about reading and making sure that everyone, both young and old, had access to books,” said McDaniel.

 “Funding this library ensures that all will have access to all sorts of books and I’m very honored to fulfill Jonathan’s dream and to keep his memory alive through books.”

Growth for Sigatoka Valley

The need for the additional facilities is due to growth. Seven years ago, the school had 55 students, now there’s more than 125 students and 25 kindergarten children. The school needs more space and guests can be a part of this wonderful community project.

“My team at Outrigger are so proud that we have been able to make a difference in the lives of these students,” said General Manager Peter Hopgood. “We feel that we are a part of this community and speaking personally, it has been a great joy to watch these children grow and develop.”

Other Reasons to Love Outrigger

In addition to the opportunity to volunteer and change lives, the other reasons we love the resort so much include its family-friendly options from nannies to accommodations, a world-renown spa atop Vakalomalagi Hill, also known as “Heavenly Hill,” and excellent cuisine options. You’ll never want to leave Fiji! And who doesn’t want to be wanted on hand and foot by the resort’s Talai Butler Service? Yes, please.

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort is next to the water’s edge among gardens with stunning views of the outer reef. At this resort, you will truly discover real Fijian hospitality and a sense of place with some special Outrigger experiences that you’ll remember forever.

Feeling like you want to volunteer and donate on your Fijian vacation? Outrigger may be the place for you! Just make sure to let us know of your interest in community service when you call us for pricing and availability.