There's Something For Everyone in Fiji

Something For Everyone in Fiji

If you enjoy adventure, romance, culture or immaculate scenery, you will love Fiji. Whether you’re looking for a Fiji honeymoon or a unique vacation experience, you will find the information below to be of great assistance when you plan your itinerary. We will briefly cover the most popular attractions in Fiji.

Salad Bowl Cave Tour

While Fiji has dozens of memorable attractions, none stand out more than The Salad Bowl Cave tour. This is known by many as the most impressive tour of any kind in the entire Southern Hemisphere. At the start of the tour, you will pass through local villages and listen to exciting stories told by your tour guide. You will also enjoy breathtaking scenery. Then you will explore the caves. A mid-morning snack of pancakes and juice is included.

ZIP Fiji

This is a zip-line adventure for all ages. The staff here is friendly and well trained. You will feel safe from the moment you arrive. Based on the height and surroundings of the zip-line, most people get scared and freeze up at first. After their first run on the zip-line, they don’t want to stop. It’s simply too exhilarating. This is a great option for romantic couples, families and adventurers. It’s also a must if you’re staying on the Coral Coast or in Suva.

Rivers Fiji

This tour group was established in 1998, but they have over 40 years of experience among them. Adventure options include whitewater rafting, sea kayaking and river expeditions. The guides here are exceptional storytellers and they take every safety precaution. Don’t worry too much about safety, though. These are not large rapids. This tour is more about scenery than riding the rapids. The best views are of the caves and waterfalls. It’s also nice to stop for lunch on the rocks at the edge of the river. You know you’re in a place that not many others have been and that makes you feel very alive. Depending on your tour guide, you might even get to take a dip in the rapids.

Natadola Bay Championship Golf Course

This is paradise for golfers and non-golfers alike. This is one of the few courses in the world where people come to play even if they don’t enjoy golf. It’s all about the scenery and the pleasant breeze coming off the water. Bringing your camera will be just as important as bringing your golf clubs. If you’re going to play golf, you will find the course challenging thanks to its design as well as the aforementioned wind.

As you can see, Fiji has something for everyone, and this is just a small sampling of how much there is to do and see. To make the most out of your stay and to get the best value, it’s highly recommended that you look into Fiji vacation packages.