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Resort Overview

Tui Tai is the only Fiji vacation package provider in the South Pacific featured in National Geographic’s annual “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” survey.
After 5 nights with us, we’re sure you’ll agree our services are second-to-none. Tui Tai offers the ultimate Fiji dining experience with a gourmet menu prepared fresh daily in our outdoor kitchen, mealtime excursions to dine on deserted beaches or in lush rainforests, full bar, housekeeping and laundry, professional spa treatments and yoga sessions under the clear blue South Pacific skies– it’s all here for your enjoyment. Aboard Tui Tai, you’ll experience the Pacific Cultural Triangle firsthand.


Includes All Meals, Coffee, tea, juice, water and activities. Scuba diving, spa treatments and bar are at extra cost.

Child Policy

Children are at Adult Rate. Note that minimum age for regularly scheduled expeditions is 14 years old.

Terms and Conditions

Deposit 50% of Cruise cost is payable upon confirmation of booking. Failure to make payment will result in booking cancellation. Balance of Payment Balance of payment is due 90 days prior to cruise departure.

Notes and Information

Trip Planning and Helpful Information about Tui Tai Expeditions A typical Tui Tai cruise is almost a contradiction in terms. Depending on prevailing conditions, an unexpected invite from the locals or a far-off pod of whales breaching, each expedition creates its own adventure along the way. Getting to and from the dock, however, is another story. We answer a lot of the same questions, and decided to make it easy on future passengers with this list of R&R FAQs: Where do we board? Seven-night expeditions depart and return on Mondays at Natewa Bay, a quick 30-minute drive from Savusavu on the island of Vanua Levu. Our five-night outings have two options. You can board on Monday at Natewa Bay and disembark Saturday in Taveuni, or board Wednesday in Taveuni and disembark Monday in Savusavu. How do I get to Savusavu or Taveuni? Both are popular getaway spots, and it's easy to get to their respective airports. There are several flights daily, and the simplest way to check schedules and airfares, and book your flight, is to visit If your Tui Tai expedition is departing from Savusavu, you can also fly into the Labasa airport. It's on the same island, and is a 90-minute, $65 cab ride from Savusavuwe'll help you make arrangements. How do I get to the ship? Tui Tai provides free transportation to the ship from Savusavu and Taveuni airports and resorts, and will return you to your destination of choice after the cruise, as well. When do we depart? We tend to operate on a modified version of island-time, so the answer is simple: We don't leave until everyone is safely aboard, which is usually in the afternoon. The idea is to be flexible, fun and as stress-free as possible, and we encourage guests to arrive any time after 9:00am. We choose scenic, remote locations for boarding. The sooner you're aboard, the sooner you can start enjoying the Tui Tai experience, even if we're still moored. When do we disembark? Checkout time at the end of your journey is typically 8:00am, but we're flexible. Early flight? We'll get you out of here ahead of schedule. Time to kill on travel day? On Saturdays in Taveuni, we can usually arrange for you to stay aboard through the afternoon. Please check with us ahead of time, and we'll do everything we can to simplify your schedule. This all sounds great, but what if I need a bit of help? Just get in touch! Our goal is for every passenger's experience with us to be a seamless, rejuvenating one, and the Tui Tai touch extends beyond the dock. We're happy to help with travel arrangements as much as we canwe do it for guests all the time. Tui Tai Classic Adventure/Culture Itinerary - Some call it an ITINERARY, We call it a blueprint for bliss. The classic Tui Tai expedition itinerary is ever-evolving, as we expand and fine-tune our onboard experience to show guests the absolute best activities, island tours, dive and snorkel sites, and cultural experiences the South Pacific has to offer. Our expeditions, which launch weekly for five- or seven-night cruises, have a common structure, but each outing has its own unique rhythm and flow. A spontaneous invitation from a local villager, dolphin or whale sighting, discovery of an unexplored dive site or rumor of killer waves the next break over can set us moving in exciting and unforeseen new directions. Highlights of Every Trip Whether five or seven nights, most Tui Tai expeditions include: True Cultural Immersion Aboard Tui Tai, you'll experience the Pacific Cultural Triangle firsthand. This collection of islands, whose people come from all over the Pacific Ocean, is the only place in the world where Micronesian, Polynesian and Melanesian cultures live traditional lifestyles in close proximity. When sailing with us, you'll: · Witness authentic cultural performances from each of these three unique civilizations. · Visit Somosomo, home to the paramount chief of Fiji's Northern Islands; talk history with village elders on Kioa island, home to renowned fishers and craftspeople; and watch an authentic Melanesian cultural performance and tour in tiny Wiwi Village · Stop by local schoolhouses on Rabi and Kioa islands, visiting and playing with the children · Assist with essential supply deliveries, cultural outreach and contributionism, strengthening the humanitarian connection between Fiji's indigenous people and Tui Tai guests like you Unrivaled Scuba Diving and Snorkeling One reason guests return time and again to seek new adventures aboard Tui Tai is our incredible diving experience. You'll dive in the clearest waters you can imagine, with dramatic underwater topography, stunning biodiversity and a dizzying array of creatures both great and small. Scuba- and snorkel-loving guests can: Roam renowned Rainbow Reef dive sites within the Somosomo Straits, including The Great White Wall, and other locales comprising what Jean-Michel Cousteau once dubbed the soft-coral capital of the world · Marvel at coral gardens at The Farm and Nakawa Point, featured in Lonely Planet as one of the world's greatest snorkel sites · Dive Kokoda Point, Wall Street and Eel Diamond, with visibility often exceeding 120 feet, where divers frequently encounter large marine animals such as barracuda, tuna, sharks, rays and turtles · Explore a site we call little Rainbow Reef, near Rabi Island, likely sharing the water with a dozen or more nine-foot manta rays Exhilarating Adventures: Hiking, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, visiting remote villages and simply sailing the clear blue waters of the South PacificTui Tai offers an adventure for everyone. Best of all, you just need to show up. Our expertly-maintained gear is the best money can buy, and our dive instructors, botanical experts and team of local guides provide a trip you'll never forget. Adventurous guests will get to: · Trek and explore the Somosomo Coast of Taveuni, visiting the International Dateline landmark en route to the Waitavala waterslides, where our guests can ride down natural waterslides through the Taveuni rainforest · Kayak or stand-up paddle board through a mangrove forest river on Qamea Island · Hike through the Bouma National Heritage Parksupporting Fiji's most successful conservation and ecotourism projectswim in three unique sets of waterfalls, hike through the rainforest and observe exotic birds, plants and flowers · Kayak or stand-up paddle board past white sand and black rock beaches, gliding over the crystal-smooth waters of completely undeveloped Natewa Bay, the second largest bay in the southern hemisphere Soul-soothing Wellness and Service While a trip aboard Tui Tai is not a luxury tour, we do believe in five-star service and attention to our guests' needs to complement an active experience. After a day of National Geographic-level exotic thrills, some serious rest and relaxation is in order. That's why we put as much effort into services and amenities as we do adventure travel. When it's time to stow the gear and rejuvenate, might we suggest you: · Enjoy a massage at the base of a Bouma National Heritage Park waterfall, perhaps even sipping a frosty beverage · Savor a dizzying array of locally-sourced gourmet foods in remote, exotic island settingsCobia and Rabi islands come to mindoften meeting the locals, who we consider friends · Re-charge via daily yoga sessions, meditation, stretching and breathing exercises, either on Tui Tai's open-air deck or in virtually uninhabited island settings · Travel aboard a floating resort, enjoying nightly turn-down service, air conditioning, boutique grooming products, 800-count Egyptian cotton sheets and the friendliest service on the South Seas 10 Reasons guests choose Tui Tai Expeditions travel with the best Tui Tai is the only expedition vacation provider in the South Pacific featured in National Geographic's annual "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" survey. travel across the seas in the comfort of home After five nights with us, we're sure you'll agree our services are second-to-none. A gourmet menu prepared fresh daily in our outdoor kitchen, mealtime excursions to dine on deserted beaches or in lush rainforests, full bar, housekeeping and laundry, professional spa treatments and yoga sessions under the clear blue South Pacific skies it's all here for your enjoyment. experience local culture firsthand We provide our guests unprecedented access to three distinct societies in the Pacific Cultural Triangle of islands, affording a glimpse into the historically rich stories and daily lives of the Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian cultures. Rather than simply being escorted along as a typical tourist would, you'll be part of an ongoing mission to improve the lives of locals, affording you a unique opportunity to experience the real Fiji and her people. about the Pacific Cultural Triangle make each day as active as you like, then recover in high style Tui Tai's itinerary is about both island-style adventure and relaxation. Tui Tai is not really a classic luxury trip; however we believe in 5-star service and wellness to compliment an active experience. When it's time to be active, we offer kayaking, standup paddling, hiking, snorkeling, biking, diving and more. Time to unwind? Try our onboard spa, daily yoga, or even an on-island massage in front of stunning waterfalls or a meditation session atop a volcanic crater. personalize your Fiji experience There's no cruise ship-style pressure to stay on the go or follow a herd of people. When you're aboard Tui Tai, each day is tailored to your interests. Everyone from 26-year-old tri-athletes to 74-year-old globe trekkers have joined us for snorkeling, scuba diving, visiting remote villages, and more. You can always opt in or out of as much as you'd like. Tell us what you'd like to do, and we'll make it happen. visit Fiji's underwater wonderland Tui Tai knows of more than a few prime spots to drop anchor and grab the diving gear, and tend to keep their exact whereabouts a closely-guarded secret. Lonely Planet Travel Guide raved, "[Tui Tai's] snorkeling and diving sites are some of the world's best." enjoy the Tui Tai Touch Our onboard crew of 18 warm, hospitable native Fijians grew up in the same remote island villages we visit. They're proud of their islands and culture, and are happy to welcome you as part of their family. Renowned travel writer Tim Neville once suggested, "The Tui Tai crew have only one purpose: to make sure you go to sleep each night swearing you just spent the best day of your life." Make a difference while you're here At Tui Tai, we believe it's our responsibility to give back to the people that make Fiji such a remarkable place, and charitable work with indigenous local people is an integral part of every trip. While onboard with us, you'll help deliver school and medical supplies to remote locations, establish relationships, and provide other important services. Gain exclusive access Tui Tai is large enough to afford guests consummate luxury, yet small enough to sail to remote locations where other, larger boats simply won't fit. Take the Ringgold islands, a scattered series of tiny volcanic atolls with beautiful sandy beaches and black rocks. You'll hike to a summit in the morning and kayak within the crater in the afternoon, a remote travel experience accessible only with Tui Tai. Local knowledge Our Fijian guides and crew know Northern Fiji like the back of their handsthey grew up here. Dive with us, and you'll enjoy optimal conditions, unparalleled underwater vistas, and a staff that handles your gear before and after each dive, so all you have to do is enjoy the scenery. When we come on land and visit villages, you'll be treated like returning family (because your guides are related to the people there).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation made within 90-61 days prior to sailing date, will incur 50% cancellation fees. Cancellation made within 60 days or less sailing date (including no - shows), will incur 100% cancellation fees.

Resort Pricing

5 Night Expedition Cruise
Daily Rates Include:
  • Prices include cruise, all meals, coffee/tea/juice/water, and adventure/culture activities
  • Scuba diving, spa treatments, bar are extra
7 Night Expedition Cruise
Daily Rates Include:
  • Prices include cruise, all meals, coffee/tea/juice/water, and adventure/culture activities
  • Scuba diving, spa treatments, bar are extra
7 Night Scuba Inclusive Cruise
Daily Rates Include:



  • 7-night Tui Tai Expedition Cruise
  • Includes: all meals, adventure and culture activities, unlimited scuba diving (up to 19 dives), dive gear
  • Does not include: spa, bar
  • Expedition Cabin accommodation


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