Resource to Help Fiji Relief Efforts - The Loloma Foundation

Loloma Foundation: A Resource to Help Fiji Relief Efforts

Loloma Foundation: A Resource to Help Fiji Relief Efforts

There are many organizations doing wonderful things for Fiji relief efforts. We mentioned last week after Cyclone Winston that we would address the question of how to support Fiji. We’ve been asked by many clients to recommend a specific project.

Those looking to give could donate to any number of the large organizations or decide to support an organization with a specific project. We love the Loloma Foundation’s mission and its specific plan to help out some of Cyclone Winston’s hardest hit areas.

Loloma Foundation Fiji Relief Efforts

The Loloma Foundation and partners are in the process of sending villages in South Taveuni, Yacata Island (Lau Group) and Southern Vanua Levu food, mosquito nets, and tents provided by Shelter Box. They will also provide medical assistance.

The organization sent food packed in buckets to 50 families on Yacata Island in the Lau Group on February 24.

On March 2, they sealed 500 buckets of food containing rice, flour, dhal, salt, tuna, noodles and cooking oil. The food (100 buckets) was taken to Kubulau in Southern Vanua Levu. And since the standing water in flooded areas isn’t helping the mosquito situation, mosquito netting was sent as well.

Then, on March 3 they delivered 400 food buckets in South Taveuni at Navakawau village and the nearby Indian settlements. A supply of tents was also left in South Taveuni. More tents from Shelter Box will be delivered here next week.

On March 4, their on-the-ground team assessed additional needs of the villages and organized the next shipment of food. During their time at the villages, the team continues to provide medical assistance to those in need.

Next week, the volunteers will assess the needs of Qamea Island, particularly Dreketi and Kacoma villages and prepare to send them food on a barge scheduled to land on March 10.

Any donations made to the organization will go toward this specific plan. A donation here can really be meaningful since you know the plan in advance.

Supporting Rural Communities

Now, let’s take a step back so we can tell you a little background on this organization that we think is so great. It’s estimated that approximately 60% of the South Pacific population lives in rural conditions and faces the greatest challenge accessing basic healthcare. For the past 15 years, the Loloma Foundation has worked toward a mission of improving the lives of the people of the South Pacific (they’ve helped 90,000 people to be exact) by providing sustainable medical, dental and infrastructure support to rural communities of Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

They’ve shipped and distributed $32 million worth of medication, medical supplies, dental supplies and equipment to the South Pacific since the organization began in 2001.

In addition, the Loloma Foundation has conducted 70 medical/dental missions in 150 villages across Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

Their volunteer physicians have treated 90,000 patients, which would otherwise not have access to basic healthcare.

The Loloma Foundation has seen 8,700 dental patients and performed 382 cataract surgeries. General surgeries were also performed on 520 people.

This organization believes it is crucial to support a healthy community beyond just providing medical, surgical, and dental care. They contribute to a host of joint funding sustainability projects (co-financed with the village participation):

  • Building Kindergartens in rural villages
  • Providing educational materials to Kindergartens
  • Training teachers who are certified by the Fiji Kinde Project
  • Providing scholarships for primary and secondary school students
  • Stocking libraries with books
  • Village solar power projects
  • Cleaning water through catchment, storage tanks and construction of sand filtration systems
  • Village bakery businesses

How to Donate

Donations to help their Fiji relief efforts can be made to the Loloma Foundation here. Mention “Fiji Vacations/Fiji Relief Efforts” in the comment section when you make the donation. We will be sure to update you on the Loloma Foundation’s work.

In Fijian, Loloma means “from the heart” or “a gift of love.” This foundation is aptly named, since their work in Fiji represents a gift truly from the heart. All volunteers pay their own way for each of the relief trips. The 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation was established in 2001 and is based in California, which enables your donation to be tax-deductible.