Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort: Part 1

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort: A Unique, Eco-Luxury Family Vacation

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This article is the first part of a three-part series on Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. Check back for the next two articles in the coming weeks!

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Now that school is about to start, it’s time to start thinking about where to book that special spring break trip or summer vacation with the kids for NEXT YEAR! Located on a private peninsula built on 17 acres of a former coconut plantation, overlooking Savusavu Bay and the Koro Sea in northern Fiji, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is a great choice for families. There are many reasons why you should choose this luxury, eco-friendly family resort that we are dedicating this post and the next two posts to Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort!

Among its attractive features, the resort has many pools and clubs to keep the kids happy and to accommodate endless activities for the parents. There are also numerous activities to do if you want to spend time together as a family! The sustainable resort even offers opportunities to get up close with the beautiful Fijian marine world with its very own marine biologist! The resort has also just completed a massive renovation, which we will talk about in the next post. Our final post on the resort will tell you more why it’s one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly resorts in Fiji.

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A Special Place for the Kids and Parents Alike

It is no surprise that this boutique resort has won many awards for its family-friendly features. How can children not love a resort with endless activities on the land and in the water?

Children will enjoy the Bula Club, which provides a venue for various activities. It also offers educational components so children will not only leave with the best vacation they’ve ever had but also remember a few educational lessons—for example, how nature works and its value to people.

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Parents will equally love the resort. While parents can join the children for any activities, an adult playground also awaits—there are unforgettable dive and snorkel options (there’s even a cool option to dive and snorkel at night!), spa pampering, wellness options from yoga to Fijian cuisine consisting of freshly caught seafood, and other excursions that can be done with or without the children. Visit a traditional Fijian village, hike up to a stunning lookout point in the rain forest, explore Savusavu by kayak, or even bask in your own private island for the day.

Family-fun Activities

In addition to the adult activities, there’s just as much fun for the entire family. As a family, you can check out colorful fish in a glass bottom boat, do a reef walk, and go snorkeling. You can also enjoy a unique medicine walk through vegetation growing at the resort or a guided eco tour where you’ll see all the sustainable efforts around the property.


Bula Club, Nannies, and Buddies Galore!

The children’s Bula Club program is complimentary, and we find people just rave about the program because of its extensive schedule of activities, such as exploring the Fijian culture and learning about the environment, facilitated by the friendly Fijian staff. The Bula Club includes individual programs for kids five and under and a different program for children between ages six and 12. Children ages six to 12 are also assigned a Fijian “buddy.” Private Fijian nannies are also free for children under five.

Kids can immerse themselves into environmental and leisure experiences, such as learning crafts, swimming in three children’s pools, playing in the jungle gym, enjoying beach time, and learning about tidal flats in the bay.

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Resort Marine Biologist


You can learn about fish and life under the water with the resort’s marine biologist, Johnny Singh. He’s a one-stop shop for learning everything there is to know about marine life during your stay. Johnny hosts evening presentations on different facets of the marine world. He also will accompany dive and snorkel excursions. We love that he uses an underwater drawing board to write the names of the fish as we are passing them underwater. It’s nice to not have to look at a picture to remember the name of what we saw! Johnny fosters education by providing presentations to the resort staff and to the locals at Fijian schools. He’s really a special feature of staying at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.


Given the deep history of the resort’s owner and his father, Jacques, sustainability initiatives are alive here. This resort is an important example of the Fijian culture working to improve the natural wonders that the islands hold. We will discuss examples of these sustainability practices in a post later this month. Stay tuned!