Flavio's Italian Shop: Like Little Italy in Fiji

Flavio’s Italian Shop: Like Little Italy in Fiji


For authentic Italian home cooking, head to Flavio’s Italian Shop in Nadi for an unexpected, amazing experience. Milan native Chef Flavio gets most of his ingredients straight from Italy to create an Italian feast paired with some incredible wine.

During the day, Chef Flavio operates the Italian deli, serving the locals of Nadi with great cheeses, small goods, olives, pesto, and many other delicious treats. He also stocks a pretty great selection of wine in the deli as well.

Authentic Italian Dining

You’ll need reservations, as there is only room for about 12 guests. And you’ll dine amongst the stock and produce of an authentic Italian Deli. Guests sit around one big table. It’s really fun for a big group, but he also does small groups.

You won’t be able to find a menu because the menu each evening depends on what ingredients Chef Flavio has and feels like cooking. When the former racing car driver Chef Flavio cooks for you, he will likely delight you with a selection of cold meats and salamis followed by a homemade pasta, a great selection of cheeses, and a meat choice. Or maybe you’ll have bacon-wrapped mozzarella, raw beef, and truffle pasta! He also makes a killer tiramisu and, yes, you’ll get to sample that excellent wine menu to compliment his yummy homemade cooking.

Flavio’s is a great value for the gourmet home cooking experience. Whatever you have at Flavio’s, it’s guaranteed to be a very memorable experience during your time in Fiji. Who would guess Fiji would hold such a gem here in this little Italian shop?

Recipe: Caprese Salad

Flavio even shares some history and secrets for making the ultimate Caprese Salad.

First of all, the Caprese Salad takes its name from the island of Capri in the Campagna region (south of Italy) and it became famous in the 1950’s. The tradition says that a real Insalata Caprese is made of cow’s milk mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, and oregano. In most of the other Italian regions you might find it garnished with basil leaves. If you’re familiar with a Caprese Salad garnished with balsamic vinegar, this is an American spin on the original recipe.

You can prepare a perfect Italian Caprese Salad from ingredients you’ll find at Flavio’s Italian Shop and here’s how to do it.

Ingredients (for 2):

  • Mozzarella buffalo MauriExtra Virgin olive oil 100% Italiano – Academia Barilla2 Cow’s milk mozzarella (Chef prefers to use Buffalo mozzarella)
  • 2 big red tomatoes
  • Salt (and pepper, if preferred)
  • Oregano or basil leaves (chopped or not — it’s up to you)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Chef personally suggests the 100% Italiano Academia Barilla Brand)


Open the Mozzarella bags and drain the water. Cut the 2 mozzarellas in slices. Wash and cut the tomatoes in slices of the same size. In 2 plates lay one slice of Mozzarella and a slice of tomato and repeat this step until you finish both of the ingredients. Now add a bit a salt and the oregano (or basil).

Add the olive oil at the end, as it will spread the salt and aroma of the oregano with it. If you’re going to put the oil first it will give an impermeable layer on the mozzarella and the tomatoes will deliver less taste.

Italian Shop

You can also stop by the deli for a great selection cold meats, salamis, cheese, and olives for your lunch. You can also purchase food for your yacht trip in advance.

Home & Furniture

Once you have had your fill of delicious food, check out Flavio’s home and furniture shop. You can shop for the most original home and furniture products from various part of the world. They have creative designs from Fiji as well.

Getting There

Flavio’s Italian Shop is located at 11 Narewa Road, Nadi and worth the trip. Hours vary, so call first before coming for dinner in the evening.