Learn About Fiji's Cultural River Journeys

Fiji’s Cultural River Journeys

Travelers can contribute to Fiji’s ecotourism by checking out one of the river journeys in the country. They offer a unique look at Fiji’s culture while having a blast on the river! Choose your journey by jet boat, river rafting, or kayaking.


Sigatoka River Safari

Cruise the Sigatoka River in a jet boat and visit traditional Fijian villages with the Sigatoka River Safari. This activity allows travelers to experience a day at a Fijian village. And what’s even better, by choosing this activity, travelers can directly contribute to various projects in the village, and they will leave knowing which village will benefit from their contribution.

The half-day excursion starts with a pickup from the guests’ hotel then a transfer to Sigakota Town. There’s a short boat cruise into the Sigatoka valley where passengers will catch the jet boat and meet the captain. At this point, travelers can already see the fertile area in the middle of Fiji known as the “salad bowl.”

As the jet boat glides, travelers are told of the history of the area. The boat will do twists and turns past villages and will pass by village children waving. The lush green surroundings will also be a sight to see. Once travelers reach the village, they are greeted and welcomed inside. A different village is visited every day to minimize the impact of tourism in the tiny remote villages.

Next, travelers will visit the village chief or community hall to take part in a kava ceremony. Then they’ll be given a tour of the village and have a traditional Fijian lunch including fresh fruits and veggies from the region. The day ends with Fijian songs and dances as travelers board the jet boat for the return trip. Who knows, you may even get your expert Fijian driver to do a 360-degree turn!


Rivers Fiji Adventures


For adventurers and sustainable tourism seekers, try the whitewater rafting with inflatable kayaks offered by Rivers Fiji. Experienced and novice rafters are welcome. Rivers Fiji provides an opportunity to see the remote highland villages and tropical forests of Fiji while getting the traveler active in the experience. The locals who grew up along the river guide the passengers; they know the environment better than anyone.

One-day trips could include going to a part of the Navua River or the ’Luva River. Travelers can enjoy class II and III white-water rafting aboard inflatable kayaks and rafts and experience some of Fiji’s terrain by cruising along the Wainikoroiluva (’Luva) River or the Upper Navua Gorge. Travelers can raft or use an inflatable kayak to explore the rainforest and hidden waterfalls that they probably didn’t even know existed on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu.


Upper Navua River Rafting


The Upper Navua River is one of the only protected rivers of its kind in the South Pacific. The river represents a unique conservation project, which prevents logging, mining, or roads within 200 meters of the waters.

The Upper Navua rafting day trip in the highlands of Viti Levu is special because travelers can catch a glimpse of waterfalls (some say there’s at least 70 waterfalls) as well as miles of deep and narrow canyons less than 20 feet high. The canyons’ black volcanic walls are fringed by lush rainforest wilderness. This is a place that not many have ever seen in Fiji, but it’s where Fiji is wild and beautiful.

The day begins with traveling through the rainforest along with a morning snack. Once travelers arrive just downstream of Nabukelevu village, there will be a short hike through the rainforest to the launch site. After safety and instructions are given, the rafting begins! Travelers will see waterfalls, a lush rainforest, numerous canyons and even herons, parrots, and fruit bats. Lunch is included in the journey, and travelers will eat by the riverside. After lunch, there’s a scheduled stop at a beautiful waterfall. After the day is complete, travelers will stop at Wainadiro village and change to dry clothes and get more snacks.


’Luva River Inflatable Kayaking

This day trip is filled with five adventures in one and takes passengers to Namosi Valley to paddle the ’Luva River. The trip is rich in adventure, culture, and history. Travelers will even get to have a traditional kava ceremony with the village chief.


The day begins with travel to the highlands and a snack. Then travelers will arrive at Nakavika village for a kava ceremony with the village chief. Once finished sampling the kava, travelers will take a short hike to the ’Luva River. Kayaking then begins in the class II rapids and continues by floating through scenic areas.


The tour guides will provide a nice lunch, and then it’s time again to continue kayaking. Next, travelers will hike to Wainuta Falls (the tallest waterfall in the Namosi Province) and will kayak downstream to Namuamua village, the meeting point of the ’Luva River and the Upper Navua River. The trip finishes with an exhilarating punt ride through the lower Navua Canyon.