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Travel to Fiji and make the most memorable holiday by taking advantage of a true island paradise. Located in the center of the South Pacific, Fiji is made up of over 300 islands, with Vanua Levu and Viti Levu being the largest. On the southeast shore is Suva, Fiji’s capital. Considered to be Fiji’s most important source of revenue, tourism is important yearround, due to it’s climate and beaches.

Originally called Viti, Fiji’s original inhabitants arrived around 1220 BC, but only stayed a short time. Their descendents relied on fishing, therefore inhabiting the coastline. As the population expanded, intertribal feuding led to cannibalism as part of war. By the time the Europeans arrived, Fiji was going through social upheaval. By 1805, Europeans were trading items such as tobacco, cloth, tools and muskets for the highly valued sandalwood. In the 1830s, missionaries arrived to preach against cannibalism and to convert the locals toward Christianity. Over the years, many Fijians adopted it in addition to their own spirituality.

Fiji has been a popular destination for honeymooners and those seeking assylum from everyday life on one of the seven continents. Surrounded by crystal clear aquamarine water and abundant with tropical foliage, Fiji is a place where dreams come true if one delves into all that it offers. fiji honeymoon all inclusive vacation packages will allow those on holiday to plan for extras outside the resort area. For activities, Fiji is host to both land and water excursions. On land, plan a tour of Colo-i-Sura Forest Park. Teeming with tropical flora as well as rope swings over water and across streams, this park offers prime spots for picnics with spectacular views. Listen for the calls and songs of the 14 bird species that live there.

Including snorkeling, sports and fishing, water activities are offered throughout the area. Take a boat cruise to check out nearby islands and to search for a private beach. fiji honeymoon all inclusive packages often include a choice for an excursion at a set price. On the Mana Island Day Cruise, take a catamaran to Mana Island for a day of snorkeling, swimming and exploring. Set off for Castaway Island on a cruise or take a leisurely boat trip up the Navua River looking for waterfalls and traditional villages. Find that for most excursions lunch is included, so sit back and plan on just experiencing the luxury of being witness to the sights and sounds of this South Pacific Eden.