Fiji Eats: Coconut Grove Restaurant in Taveuni 

Fiji Eats: Coconut Grove Restaurant in Taveuni 

Tucked away in Fiji’s lush garden island of Taveuni, Coconut Grove Restaurant welcomes diners outside under the verandah or al fresco on the beach. The fine oceanfront restaurant, located in Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages, will cook up the finest Fijian fish as you dine by candlelight.

Guests come here from far and wide to dine, whether they are staying in the intimate resort. Side note: if you do want to stay here it’s reasonably priced for one of the three beachfront accommodations amongst the coconut palm and mango trees.

Sea views from the Taveuni Restaurant

Coconut Grove Restaurant offers fresh seafood and organically grown vegetables. Guests can also get curries, gourmet Fijian dishes, and even some homemade pastas (as well as some of the finest beef New Zealand has to offer!).

Some of the most loved dishes include a Fijian dish with either fish, chicken vaka lolo or shrimp/lobster cooked in coconut cream infused with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, lemon, and chili.

The resort vegetable garden

Another popular dish is the Thai curry with fish, chicken, lamb or shrimp with garden veggies in ginger, garlic, lemon grass, onions, fish sauce, basil, lime, and coconut milk.

And how can we forget the fresh fish. Of course, the restaurant offers only the finest quality fish here. Get walu, wahoo, mahi mahi or snapper, served any of the following ways: grilled with herb and garlic butter, ginger and oyster sauce, lemon butter, and capers, Italian in olive oil with garlic, tomatoes and basil, pan cooked & topped with a tropical salsa. There is also the option to try tasty the tikka fish, which is marinated all day and served in a yogurt, lemon and tomato sauce – a specialty.

The ambience is romantic and intimate. You will appreciate some of the Fijian culture beyond just eating a fantastic meal. Ask you dine, you’ll hear ukuleles sing their island songs. There’s even a village night when the entire village gathers to make a special performance of the traditional Fijian meke of story and dance.  That night Fijians also prepare food by cooking in the lovo – an oven over volcanic rock.

Coconut Grove Restaurant is an ocean-front respite and culinary dining experience you must have when coming to Taveuni.