Buying a Piece of Fiji Paradise: Nanuku

Buying a Piece of Fiji Paradise: Nanuku

Many of our clients come back to the U.S. after vacationing in Fiji with a special connection to the islands. That connection is so strong they decide to buy a permanent residence or a vacation residence to ensure they will get to experience Fiji whenever they want! Just imagine, a place to relax and make your own in the heart of the South Pacific.

Over the next three weeks, we will profile a few different slices of paradise in Fiji available to purchase. Today we will start out with Nanuku Fiji, a premier luxury resort community in the South Pacific on Fiji’s main island. The Auberge Beach Villas at Nanuku gives owners access to luxury living with amenities and services provided by Auberge Resorts. If you decide to buy on the main island, you can fly nonstop from California (or Australia, New Zealand or Asia).

Culturally Unique Resort-Style Accommodations

The one- and two-bedroom villas will have their own private pools and courtyards right next to some of Fiji’s stunning beaches (with private access) and the resort amenities. Owners will be able to choose from Beachfront, Beachview, and Garden Terrace options. Each luxury residence will mesh the indoor and outdoor experience into one to capture the essence of island living in Fiji.

The architects on the project, Grounds Kent Architects, are well-known for creating culturally unique resort-style accommodations in countries such as Australia, China, Barbados, Maldives, Malaysia, Thailand, and Morocco. They place an emphasis on the use of local and natural materials, incorporating culture and design of the natural environment. They’ve garnered numerous awards over the years, including the Conde Nast Traveler award for “The Best Hotel in the World.”

If owners wish, they can place their villa in the Auberge Rental Program for maximum return on their investment while they are away. Nanuku will coordinate with the owner and then handle the day-to-day management and maintenance of the residence. And as an added bonus, the owner will have access to the Auberge Resorts worldwide home exchange collection as well.

Owner Privileges: Amenities, Dining, Spa, Local Craft, Nannies

Buying a piece of paradise doesn’t stop at the luxurious villas and fantastic ocean views. There are so many more privileges like the spa, restaurants, learning the local craft, and having Fijian nannies on call to watch the children.

As an owner, you will be assigned a personal Villa Mama or Butler. These attendants will tend to anything you need from organizing your home to planning your day or entertaining children with activities that the island offers. Fijians are known for their friendly demeanor which makes them the best nannies for children. Their natural grace and charm will keep your little ones busy all day.

You’ll also have access to a variety of activities like sailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports. You can attend yoga classes, arts and crafts, and cultural workshops the children can be cared for at Kid Camps or by their very own friendly Fijian nanny.

Owners will have access to world-class chefs and personal dining experiences within the Club House, on a private excursion on the island or savor dining in your own room. The ingredients are locally sourced fruits and vegetables, seasonal produce and fresh caught fish. Just imagine your personal butler serving up an egg white omelet just the way you like it.

The Lomana Spa and Wellness Center offers holistic rejuvenation in a tranquil setting. In addition to massage treatments, there is also a boutique hair salon and fitness center in the spa. Lomana means gift in Fijian and the spa serves as an authentic expression of rejuvenation to the owner.

Stay tuned next week as we continue to spotlight more real estate for sale in Fiji! Of course, feel free to call us at Fiji Vacations to discuss this option and others in more depth.