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A Long Stay in Fiji

Each year numerous tourists flock to one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world, Fiji. Yet to really experience the immense beauty of these paradise islands in the South Pacific and the supreme quality of fijian resorts, plan a long stay in Fiji.

There are a number of tremendous travel fiji packages that can save you a significant sum of money while allowing you to enjoy your trip in style at the greatest value. Fiji has also long been a destination for breath taking weddings and honeymoons. A fiji honeymoon that is extended can be an incredible experience to get your marriage started the right way. There are many things you can do in Fiji during your extended stay.

Underwater Adventures

Fiji is undeniably one of the most spectacular places to snorkel or professionally dive. One tourist claimed enthusiastically he had been in Fiji for a month, scuba dived every day and seen a new and astounding variety of fish every single time.

Water Sports

There is a wide range of water sports to choose from for enthusiasts of all preferences. From the more intense white water rafting on the Upper Navua River and surfing over infamous waves in Namoto left, Cloudbreak and Restaurants reefs. For a more relaxing water experience, you can spend the day kayaking and canoeing in the placid waters that surround the surround the islands of Fiji, to the vast array of spectacular beaches, or inland rivers.


You can also spend a day sailing on luxurious vessels over pristine waters sipping a glass of wine and taking in the fresh sea air and the breath taking views every where you turn, alone or with your significant other or your whole family. Sailing also offers the opportunity for watching exotic marine and bird life as you sail around the different islands, snorkeling in some of the prime spots among the tropical fish, dining on your fresh catch of the day after a fishing excursion, or writing home about your amazing swimming with the dolphins experience.

Nature Walks

In addition to the crystal sparkling waters of the South Pacific, Fiji has some spectacular natural trails to explore or to hike through. You can also choose to leisurely stroll through the Fiji Museum in Suva’s historical Thurston Gardens, or head to the famous Lovoni Trail. It is a great opportunity to relax and meet the locals.