The Top 12 Reasons to Travel to the Fiji Islands

12 Reasons to Travel to Fiji

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12 Reasons to Travel to Fiji

From honeymooners and families to adventure seekers, Fiji is the perfect destination for any traveler. Since we know the beautiful 333 islands of Fiji so well, we wanted to share a few of our favorite reasons to travel to Fiji.

  1. Beauty and diverse options:Fiij is home to white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean waters stretched as far as the eye can see. There’s lush, tropical rainforests, colorful reefs, world-class surfing breaks, and private islands to escape the real world. Get lost on a private island, hike up to a hidden waterfall or kayak through the rainforest. Thrill your senses with an underwater dive or do absolutely nothing at all, while laying on the beach.
  1. Home to happiest people in the world: Fijians are known to be the happiest people in the world as discovered by market research and polling organization WIN/Gallup. Fiji was ranked the happiest nation, with 93 percent of residents expressing contentment. Fiji is also made up of indigenous Fijians, Indians, Chinese, Europeans, and South Pacific Islanders allowing vacationers to mingle with diverse cultures. Visits to villages and interactions with locals will make your vacation special by understanding how they live so simply and happy.
  1. Adventure thrills: Known as the “soft coral capital of the world” and home to the “Great Astrolabe Reef,” Fiji offers a special diving experience for adventure seekers. Fiji is home to over 4,000 square miles of coral reefs and around 1,000 species of fish, and several hundred types of coral and sponges.
  1. Romance: For couples, there are luxurious five-star resorts with private freestanding bures (villas) for the utmost seclusion. There are honeymoon suites designed especially for the newly married couple. There are private sand banks for champagne brunch and picnics, unlimited massages at several resorts and sweeping ocean views from many resorts around Fiji. Or simply have your own private island, just for you and your significant other!
  1. Children get a Fijian nanny: Fijian nannies are well known around the world to be some of the kindest and sweetest people. Families that bring their children to Fiji will relax knowing not only is the child in caring hands but also learning from the Fijian way of life (which happens to be quite humble, modest, and caring). Kids can play Fijian games, water polo, fishing, take a trip to the sand dunes, hike, play in the ocean and much more. Depending on the resort, you may even get your own nanny for your child. Families often request to have the same nanny each year because they develop a very tight bond.
  1. Tasty cuisine: Many resorts grow their own fresh fruits and veggies. Fiji has an ideal climate to grow fresh produce. Local fishermen all over Fiji bring some of the tastiest fish. You’ll taste walu, tuna, parrot fish, and other fresh reef fish. And, with a large amount of Indians in Fiji, you can taste some wonderful curry too.
  1. Special drink: The traditional drink of Fiji, Kava, is made from the root of a plant. The drink has sedative properties and it is also seen in other parts of the South Pacific. It’s very popular with the locals and usually visitors want to try it as well. In the resort or village, you may find yourself bonding with the locals, listening to music, and sipping on some kava.
  1. Perfect climate year round: Fiji has a tropical, sunny climate throughout the year. The temperature stays in the 80s most of the time, making it a warm escape from the winter blues or 100-degree summers.
  1. Non-stop flights: From Los Angeles there is easy, convenient non-stop service from LAX aboard Fiji Airways. This means a nap, a few movies, breakfast, and you are waking up in Fiji 10 hours later.
  1. Great value: The U.S. dollar trades at almost 2:1 to the Fiji dollar. Therefore, Fiji is a great value for your vacation.
  1. They speak English: English is the official language of Fiji, making it easy to communicate with the locals and also to get around the islands.
  1. Hollywood loves Fiji too: Many Hollywood movies have filmed in Fiji including Tom Hank’s “Castaway,” Jodie Foster’s “Contact,” the 1995 remake of “Swiss Family Robinson,” and the 1979 remake of “The Blue Lagoon.”


We could go on with many more reasons why Fiji is so special. Visiting is really the best way to understand why this place is a special hidden gem. We think you’ll come back from Fiji a little more relaxed and full of a greater sense of wonder and appreciation for life.